Address Of The CEO
Address Of The CEO
Dr. Nizar youness
Friends and colleagues we celebrate this year the forty-fifth year of your company.

1964 was the beginning. BUTEC was founded and grew ever since under the gaze of its young men and women, who spared no effort or sacrifice to further its progress and advancement. Through their care, relentless effort and creative thinking, BUTEC has grown and flourished to become stronger and more enduring in the face of hardships and adversities.
I beg my friends’ forgiveness if I bruise their modesty in reminding them that we were granted the unique opportunity to practice the noblest profession of all, that of joining the Creator, the Greatest Engineer ever, in modifying our world, beautifying our surroundings, planning cities, designing lighthouses, developing infrastructure, building homes, changing our world and transforming its natural settings, so as mankind may enjoy more comfort, happy living, and tranquility, in an environment that depends on our awareness and will.

This is who we are, since we realize that the Earth is not a heritage from our predecessors, but a trust held on behalf of our successors, which we must return to them, in a more refined and fascinating shape.

This is who we are. We set no target that we strive to achieve, but rather believe that the walk towards it is a goal by itself. We do not climb mountains just to reach their peak, as merely climbing the mountain is in itself a thrill. For summits are only a mirage that quickly vanishes, yet the road leading to them is the enduring reality and is life itself. Once a summit is reached our march continues towards endless horizons, for we are builders, and in the act of building rest all the honors of existence.

Throughout its course, BUTEC, your company, has honored its commitment to the basic values and ideals of our profession, as well as its approach towards life. Through the strong bonding and sacrifices of its employees, past and present, BUTEC was able to weather all crises and wars that beset the region during the last half century. While we did not become the largest, wealthiest, or fastest growing contracting company, we remained undoubtedly, the most dignified company in our profession, standing tall amongst all others.
We are proud of three achievements:
• We never failed or were otherwise humiliated in executing any project entrusted to us nor ever stopped short of completing any job started, however dire the circumstances.
• We never traded our client’s interests and the ethics of our profession, for any private gains, never wavered in upholding the trusts put into us, nor renounced any duty or commitment under any circumstances.
• We never succumbed to intimidation or threats, nor compromised any of our rights or principles with anyone.

While working on strengthening the position of our company in terms of operating capabilities and assets, we shall take all needed measures to upgrade the procedures for evaluating the contribution of each of our employees, and achieve a fair distribution of the fruit of labour in an objective and transparent manner.

I hope the coming year(s) will witness more growth and expansion inter-alia through the support of our clients and stakeholders to achieve our company’s goals and programs, and feel confident that BUTEC annual turnover shall exceed half a billion dollars by the time we celebrate our Golden Jubilee.

I hope to be there with you, to assure BUTEC employees of my love and how proud I am of each one of them, and to express as well my gratitude to our clients for their continued confidence.

In closing let me tell you how thankful I am for your being part of this great journey and contributing to the spell of this special occasion.

Chairman of the Board


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